Monday, December 29, 2008

ii Am A Loser

I bought this game last night. For myself. I do love me some horsies. But still, I am 38 and all. Earlier in the day I had taken my son to use a gift card he had gotten for Christmas. He was getting a game for his new Wii. And while he was looking around I spotted this. Gallop & Ride. Ooohhh doesn't that sound fun girls? You get to create your own horse, groom it, and take it for rides on the beach or through the woods. You also get to renovate The Old Mill Ranch. This was like a dream come true for me all from the comfort of my own home. And for only twenty bucks.
I walked around the store with it in my hand for a few minutes but then told myself how pathetic I really was and put it back. Then I dropped my son off at his friends and drove home. Right past the video game store. And I didn't want to do it but the ponies made me. So I went back and I got it. I galloped home and showed my husband, who by the way, couldn't make too much fun of me because he had taken our younger son's new Wii out of his room and brought it downstairs so he could play tennis and bowling on the 65 inch television. I went into my older son's room and got down to business with my newly aquired ranch that had been left to me by my "Grandfather."
But I have to tell you, the horsies are not all fun and games. These bitches are high maintenance to say the least. Not to mention trying to renovate the Riding Hall and guest houses. My definite low point was when I stabbed the sensitive part of my horse's hoof three times while cleaning it. She didn't like that and it caused her trust level to go way down. I did try and make it up to her with a good brushing though. I am now s-l-o-w-l-y gaining her trust back. Tomorrow she just may let me ride her. We'll see how it goes.
So I may be busy for a while. I have a lot more responsibilities now. The husband, two kids, job, and house really have me hemmed up as it is. Throw in an entire ranch that needs tons of work and several very large yet sensitive animals and I have no idea when I will even have time to shower.


Elizabeth said...

What a fun game & post. We're both crazy about horses. You're going to be very busy with your own ranch. I probably would have bought this game too.

Anissa Mayhew said...


GIRL, you = me with the Puppy game on Rachael's DS....must walk the dog, must feed the dog, must pet the dog, make the dog happy, pick up the dog's poop...KILL THE DOG!