Friday, January 9, 2009


Dear Child Study Team, Principal, 2 Out of 3 Teachers, and Guidance Counselor who Laughs Like a Horse,

Thank you all for wasting two and half years of my time. Thank you also for wasting the time of my child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating me like a person who was making a huge deal out of nothing and thank you for the fact that my kid thinks he's stupid. Thanks for blowing off my concerns and for patronizing me. Thank you for ignoring the advice of a pre-school teacher, a psychiatrist, a therapist, and a neurologist. I'm sure they have no idea what they're talking about anyway. Thank you for refusing to evaluate him all three times I sent a written request. Thanks also for allowing us to spend a whole bunch of money to have him privately evaluated since you wouldn't do it. We really appreciate it. Truly.

When I brought a copy of the evaluation we had done to our last meeting I was kind enough not to shove it straight up your ass which I felt inclined to do. Instead I let you read it. I highlighted the sentence which contained the words "qualifies for special education" so you couldn't miss it. I thought that was really nice of me. Isn't that wild? He qualifies for special education. He has learning disabilities. Who'd of thunk? All along, it appears that I was right. I wasn't making a big deal out of nothing. And you guys suck.

So I'll see you in a couple weeks at the IEP Meeting that you have so graciously scheduled. It will be real nice to see you all. Again, I thank you for your concern and support and for truly caring for my child as an individual. I'm so glad that he will now be getting the help he needs and deserves.

Love and Kisses,
A Disgusted Mom

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Anissa Mayhew said...

Oh, sweetie. Good for you! You are such a good mom and you know how persistent and constant we have to be in advocating for our kids, no matter what their needs. They deserve the best the schools have to give them and it's our job to put a foot in their ass to make sure they give it. GOOD FOR YOU!

Your kids are lucky every day to have you on their side, because i'd bet they'd be scared as shit to have you working for the other side.